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Moʻolelo: Hawaiian Storytelling

Native Hawaiian Philanthropy is working to secure funds to implement the Screenplay Writing and Media Production program.  We have been working with Entertainment executives along with cultural practitioners and entertainers to integrate the Indigenous Storytelling Fellowship with the Pedagogy of Aloha approach.  This program will empower native Hawaiian youth and adults with the skills and knowledge needed to tell our stories and turn them into t.v., film, and social media productions.  For too long, stories of Hawaii have been told by non-Hawaiians and the time has come for Native Hawaiian perspectives, values and narratives of our history, ancestors, and current social and political struggles to be written and created by our community.

Picture of Michael Palmieri with blue background, blue suit looking into the camera

Michael Palmieri

Entertainment Industry Executive

Michael Palmieri has worked in the entertainment industry as an Executive Producer, Writer, and developer of the Indigenous Storytelling Fellowship program.  He has coached creative entrepreneurs and has implemented his methodology and approach since 1997.  Palmieri partnered with Ku Kahakalau and Kuʻuleinani Maunupau of Native Hawaiian Philanthropy to develop the Screenplay Writing program integrated with Pedagogy of Aloha.

Ku Kahakalau

Pedagogy of Aloha

Kū Kahakalau is a native Hawaiian educator, researcher, cultural practitioner, grassroots activist, songwriter, and expert in Hawaiian language, history, and culture.  Kū-A-Kanaka LLC partnered with Native Hawaiian Philanthropy and Palmieri to develop the Hawaiian Storytelling Screenplay Writing immersive program integrated with Kahakalauʻs Pedagogy of Aloha.

pic of Ku Kahakalau with flower in her ear and smiling with black top.  blurred background.
Kuuleimakamae Headshot Photo.  Being background, long brown hair, brown eyes, gray top

Kuʻuleimakamae Shafee

Actress, Model & Media Production Consultant

Kuʻuleimakamae Shafee is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and recipient of the Broadway Award for Best Actress in her lead role in "Shipment Day" at Manoa Valley Theater.   Shafee has experience in various aspects of media production, coordination and planning.  She is a consultant on the Hawaiian Storytelling project.

Hawaiian Language, History and Music Video Production

Project Kuleana

Project KULEANA aspires to increase the innate value of Hawaiian music and the performance of it to inspire people to reflect on one's own KULEANA. Project KULEANA seeks to encourage people to re-discover, re-connect and re-instill what Hawaiian music and performers of Hawaiian music represent.

Project Kuleana Logo.  Black background with black triangles in the background.  White lines representing guitar strings and finger placement and islands of Hawaii

Mana Maoli

Supporting Music and Video Production in Hawaiian Charter Schools

Mana Maoli Logo.  Mana Maoli Centered in black and white with two crossed paddles and a kahili with the hawaiian islands.  Black and White and centered

Mana Maoli is a Hawaiian nonprofit organization that founded Hālau Kū Māna New Century Public Charter School, Kānehūnāmoku Voyaging Academy, and the Mana Mele Project. The Mana Mele Project consists of 3 primary components:

  1. a 4-in-1 solar-powered mobile studio named Meleana, that can provide both studio and live event services in audio and video production.

  2. a Music & Multimedia Academy - currently at over 70 year-long classes across 20 schools on 3 islands that focus on Mana Maoliʻs ABCʻs - Academics, Business and Culture through music and/or video production. Additional services include short-term mentorships and internships, artist school visits, collaborative music videos and more.

  3. the Mana Maoli Collective: over 200 Creative Industries Professionals, both musical and digital storytellers, who have committed to sharing their time and talents with thousands of youth each year, in order to bring our mobile studio and Music & Multimedia Academy to life!

ʻŌlelo Noʻeau (Hawaiian Proverb):
"Ua ao Hawaiʻi ke ʻōlino nei malamalama."
Hawaii is in an era of education.

Keanae Kalo Patches.png

Hawaiian Storytelling Mentorship Opportunities

Pic of man looking into a camera with headphones on his head.


On-Set Training

Native Hawaiian youth and adults will have mentorship opportunities to work with local production companies filming for t.v. and film. 



Native Hawaiian youth and adults will have mentorship opportunities to work with indigenous screenwriters and Entertainment Industry Executive Michael Palmieri.

Picture with book open at the bottom and centered.  Behind it a black and white clapperboard with the word Story Telling written in white.
Picture of musical notes flowing throughout the page in a twisted and circular pattern


Music Video Production

Native Hawaiian youth and adults will have mentorship opportunities with native Hawaiian mentors from Project Kuleana and Mana Maoli.  


Documentary Film Making

Native Hawaiian youth and adults will have mentorship opportunities to work with local production companies filming documentaries.

Freeze frame of the Na Mahiʻai o Keanae documentary.  Picture of volunteers pulling taro. Logo fo water drop above the name Na Mahiʻai o Keanae
Picture of sets of plays.


T.V. & Film Set Design & Construction

Native Hawaiian youth and adults will have mentorship opportunities to work with local production companies in the area of set design and construction. 


Costumes & Sewing

Native Hawaiian youth and adults will have mentorship opportunities to work with local production companies for sewing costumes and set props.

Picture of woman in brown top with a white sewing machine on the left side.  She is sewing a blue jeans with rolls of sewing string laid around
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