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Planning for 7 Generations

Mālama ʻĀina/Mālama Kai

Caring for our Land and Water

NHPʻs focus is on to support nonprofits actively engaged in helping steward Hawaiiʻs natural resources utilizing the Ahupuaʻa wisdom of resource management.

The land and water (fresh and ocean) are an important part of Hawaiian culture and it is integrated in every day life and practices.  No money is worth developing our sacred spaces.

Strategic Planning

Changing Needs of Community & Long-Term Resiliency Planning

NHP is working with community leaders, foundations and native Hawaiian CBOʻs to develop and map out the best practices in reaching our communities and bridging the philanthropic sector.

We are partnering with foundations and NHOʻs to expand our reach to the native Hawaiian communities.

NHP Development

NHP is inspired by Native Americans in Philanthropy and Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy and their work.  Our unique approach to Philanthropy will help to support the indigenous peoples of Hawaii that have been displaced from their lands.  The impacts of colonizations continue to have a traumatic impact on our communities, land, ocean and streams and we are looking into ways to honor the inherent rights of native Hawaiians, Kanaka Maoli of Hawaiʻi nei.

Native Hawaiian Philanthropy 
Community Support Projects

Maui Wildfires Focus:

Mauli Ola Mental Health Support

Affordable Housing

Native Hawaiian Communities:

​Food Box & Meals Distribution

Native Hawaiian Rights

Strategic & Resiliency Planning for Maui Farmers & Communities

Workforce Development for native Hawaiian communities and Community-Based organizations

Heavy Equipment Farming Assistance and Land Clearing

Website & Social Media Promotion for native Hawaiian communities and projects

Protection of sacred cultural/archaeological sites

10-year agreement with Board of Land and Natural Resources for Water Monitoring and Management

Research & Development

Grant Writing & Reporting


Grassroots & Community-Based

Native Hawaiian Philanthropy (NHP), formerly Maui Mixer, dba Na Mahiʻai o Keanae (The Farmers of Keanae) has been working with the Maui community since 2015 and expanded during covid to address the negative socio-economic impacts the pandemic had on the remote community.   It is our goal to help bridge philanthropic organizations,  approaches and systems to support NHOʻs that serve our lāhui (nation).  The programs perpetuate the Hawaiian culture and provide support services to native Hawaiian organizations (NHOʻs).  We have partnered with 14 Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOʻs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOʻs) that implement culturally-grounded projects and programs that are fiscally accountable and successful in communities State-wide.  

NHP partners with native Hawaiian communities and organization that support BIPOC, LGBTQ, elderly, disabled, women and children, and other communities that face discrimination and injustice.  The goal and mission of our nonprofit are guided by the values of peace, justice and equal rights for marginalized peoples.  Our partners are located on the islands of Hawaii, Oahu and Maui County.

Native Hawaiian Philanthropy Programs:

  • Mauli Ola Mental Health Support

  • Mālama Āina & Mālama Kai: Traditional Stewardship, Environmental Justice & Climate Change

  • Hawaiian Education

  • Hawaiian Arts & Crafts

  • Food Security & Food Sovereignty

  • Agriculture

  • Workforce Development

  • Financial Training & Sustainability

  • Indigenous Storytelling through Screenwriting & Music

  • Native Hawaiian Rights

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