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Native Hawaiian Philanthropy is implementing a projects and programs to support native Hawaiian communities State-wide.  Our funding development team is providing opportunities to fund specific programs that align with funders and philanthropists interests.

ʻŌlelo Noʻeau (Hawaiian Proverb);

"Hala no ia lā o ka pōloli."

An expression of thankfulness that there is food for another day. 

Sustainable Native & Local Food Production

Help support Hawaiian farmers with resources to increase food production and decrease Hawaiiʻs dependence on outside fruits and vegetables. 90% of Hawaiiʻs food is imported, making us vulnerable to natural disasters and global events that impact the shipping and food support, as did the covid-19 pandemic.

Funding this program will go towards farm equipment, labor, and support for economic opportunities through food products and native food and plants.

Moʻolelo: Hawaiian Storytelling & Media Production

Moʻolelo is a partnership with Michael Andres Palmieri, a media and entertainment industry executive, EA Ecoversity, Ku Kahakalau and Kuakanaka LLC, Media Production Coordinator Kuʻuleimakamae Shafee, and nonprofits Project Kuleana  & Mana Maoli.  Help support Hawaiian and Indigenous writers and youth to learn about screenwriting for t.v. and film, along with music video production of traditional and modern songs grounded in the Hawaiian culture and stories.

Funding this program will go towards implementing the 12-month screenwriting program and 3- to 6-week music video production programs throughout Hawaii.

Native Hawaiian Community Socio-Economic Development & Support

This program will provide direct socio-economic opportunities to Keanae and communities State-wide.

Funding will go towards the general fund of Native Hawaiian Philanthropy, dba Na Mahiʻai o Keanae to continue our goals and mission to support native Hawaiian communities in Keanae, Maui and State-wide.

Indigenous & Underserved Families seeking long-term housing options

As more native Hawaiians are displaced daily, NHP is supporting long-term housing stability for the indigenous communities of Hawaii.

Support Maui Communities Impacted by The Fire

Mahalo nui loa to all of the donors and funders that helped Native Hawaiian Philanthropy provide direct support to Lahaina and Kula families.  

Mahalo to the Hawaii Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund, the Womenʻs Fund of Hawaii, Global Giving, the Christensen Fund and Charles Schwab for supportint Lahaina and Kula families impacted by the Maui wildfires.

ʻŌlelo Noʻeau (Hawaiian Proverb):
"O kau aku, o ka ia la mai, pelā ka nohona o ka ʻohana."
From you and from him - so lived the family.  The farmer gave to the fisherman, the fisherman gave to the farmer.  Shows the reciprical nature of traditional Hawaiian communities that supported each other.

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