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NHO Partners & Projects

Na Mahiʻai o Maui

Sustainable Native Food Sovereignty & Food Production for Maui Farmers

NHP is working with native Hawaiian farmers on the island of Maui to help provide support to help increase traditional farming practices, education and training, food security, and workforce development.  With 90% of food being imported from outside of Hawaii, it is imperative to provide a more stable and sustainable food sources on island.


Currently, the need for most farmers are farming equipment and labor.  Farmers are seeking assistance to secure funding to purchase shared equipment that can be used by 6-8 farms throughout the year. NHP is working to help develop projects and write grants to provide the resources needed to increase food security on Maui.​​​

EA Ecoversity

Culture-based Education and Career Exploration Training

EA Ecoversity is an indigenous Higher Education and Career Training Institute whose foundational Laeʻula program invites native Hawaiians ages 15-30 on an incentivized, culturally-grounded, personalized learning journey that helps them transition from ʻōpio to kanaka makua, or mature, educated kanaka.  In addition, EA Ecoversity allows learners to earn micro-credentials in a career in Kanaka Culinary Arts.

Ku-A-Kanaka LLC

Native Hawaiian Language & Culture

KŪ-A-KANAKA is a Native Hawaiian owned and operated social enterprise with a commitment to revitalize Hawaiian language, culture and traditions and re-establish Hawaiian control over Hawaiian affairs.  We believe in education for Hawaiians, by Hawaiians, using Hawaiian ways of teaching, including learning in and from the environment, as well as traditional performance-based assessment.  In 2022, Kū-A-Kanakaʻs EA E-Learning program provided nearly 4000 learners of all ages with culture-based asynchronous education, training and professional development.

KAʻEHU is a Native-Hawaiian and women-led nonprofit organization managing 64-acres of coastal wetlands in the district of Wailuku on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  Our  goal is to restore the land and perpetuate traditional Hawaiian culture using a community-based, inclusive, family-oriented approach to environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture. 

Our nonprofit coordinates workshops in Hawaiian culture and practices, the Ahupuaʻa Stewardship wisdom, natural resource management, archaeology and more.

at Kaʻehu Bay

Na Kiaʻi o Maui

Na Kiaʻi o Maui is a nonprofit providing direct support services to the victims of the Lahaina wildfires.  Our mission is to offer emergency relief and assistance to those impacted by natural disasters and fires in Maui County. Our team is composed of volunteers who are passionate about serving our community during times of crisis. 

Na Kiaʻi o Maui is establishing the Lahaina Resource & Recovery Center.  We’ll provide access to essential supplies, such as home furnishings as housing is made available, blankets, toiletries, food, clothing, and furnishings, to help victims get back on their feet.

Go where the people need us…for the people, with the people, about the people.

Hōʻola Āina o Kula

Food Security & Native Plant Restoration and Farming

Hōʻola ʻĀina o Kula (HAK) aims to support and educate the community on subsistence farming and food security.  HAK works with native Hawaiian community organizations, hālau, immersion schools and individuals to teach about native gourd plants, taro, and local food farming.

Offers Decolonization and Health and Healing workshops

HAK supports the LGBTQ community and supports and coordinates PRIDE week activities.  The farm provides programs, spaces and activites for LGBTQ youth and adults.


Hawaiian Storytelling through Screenplay Writing & Media Production

This project is a partnership between Maui Mixer, Project Kuleana, Mana Maoli, EA Ecoversity & Entertainment Executive Michael Palmieri.  This program provides screenwriting and media production opportunities to native Hawaiian youth and adults.

The screenwriting program is designed by LGBTQ leadership and some of the participants will be selected from LGBTQ native Hawaiian and Pacific island indigenous community to help support stories from this genre.

Mana Maoli

Culture-Based Music & Video Production Program

Mana Maoli is a Hawaiian nonprofit organization that founded Hālau Kū Māna New Century Public Charter School, Kānehūnāmoku Voyaging Academy, and the Mana Mele Project. The Mana Mele Project consists of 3 primary components:

  1. a 4-in-1 solar-powered mobile studio named Meleana, that can provide both studio and live event services in audio and video production.

  2. a Music & Multimedia Academy - currently at over 70 year-long classes across 20 schools on 3 islands that focus on Mana Maoliʻs ABCʻs - Academics, Business and Culture through music and/or video production. Additional services include short-term mentorships and internships, artist school visits, collaborative music videos and more.

  3. the Mana Maoli Collective: over 200 Creative Industries Professionals, both musical and digital storytellers, who have committed to sharing their time and talents with thousands of youth each year, in order to bring our mobile studio and Music & Multimedia Academy to life!

Project Kuleana

Historical Research, Songwriting & Music Video Production 

Project KULEANA was created by three Native Hawaiian men who share the perspective that KULEANA is what makes music Hawaiian. Project KULEANA aspires to increase the innate value of Hawaiian music and the performance of it to inspire people to reflect on one's own KULEANA. Project KULEANA seeks to encourage people to re-discover, re-connect and re-instill what Hawaiian music and performers of Hawaiian music represent.

Economic Self-Sufficiency, Small Business & Skills Training, and Workforce Development Training. 

PIKOʻs goal is to provide access to the resources and tools for economic self-sufficiency.  Our mission is to bridge the gap that has been created by decades of systemic underrepresentation and create real financial opportunities for underserved communities.
*NHP and PIKOʻs partnership will support native Hawaiian businesses and individuals receiving training and technical support through PIKOʻs programs.

Paʻupena Community Development Corporation

Hawaiian Homesteader Support

Paʻupena was established in Waiohuli-Keokea Homesteads and itsʻ mission is to provide resources and training to empower fellow Hawaiian Home Lands Trust beneficiaries to build homes and self-sufficient communities.

ʻŌlelo Noʻeau (Hawaiian Proverb):

Ko koā uka, Ko koā kai.

Those of the upland, those of the shore.Traditionally, relatives and friends exchanged products.  The upland dwellers brought, poi, taro, and other foods to the shore to give to kinsmen there.  The shore dweller gave fish and other seafoods,  Visitors were never empty-handed but always with something from oneʻs home to give.

Indigenous Community Initiatives


The Indigenous Community Initiatives goal is to provide project management, strategic planning, and fiscal sponsorship to communities and nonprofit organizations involved in culture-based, innovative projects and programs that promote and perpetuate traditional cultures and socio-economic sustainability.

With the help of NHP, ICI has secured a $500,000 grant to support and implement  programs that focus on reducing drug use and addiction in native youth in California.

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