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About Us

Native Hawaiian Philanthropyʻs goal is provide assistance to Native Hawaiian communities State-wide.  We have partnered with 14 native Hawaiian organizations (NHO) that implement culturally-grounded projects and programs. Our mission is to help empower NHOʻs, communities and individuals through networking, support services and resources.


We are based in Maui and work with Native Hawaiian organizations on Maui, Hawaii island, and Oahu.

Chauncey in blue shirt  with blue goves and surf shorts.  Bending over harvesting taro leaves.  He is surrounded by green taro in a taro patches.  Brown water in front of him.

Native Hawaiian Philanthropy 
Community Projects

  • Food Box & Meals Distribution

  • Strategic & Resiliency Planning for Maui Farmers & Communities

  • Workforce Development for native Hawaiian communities and Community-Based organizatons

  • Heavy Equipment Farming Assistance and Land Clearing

  • Website & Social Media Promotion for native Hawaiian communities and projects

  • Protection of sacred cultural/archaeological sites

  • Water Oversight for Keanae water system for the community and   10-year agreement with Board of Land and Natural Resources

  • Research & Development

  • Grant Writing & Reporting

  • Fundraising

Green picture of the Keanae taro patches surrounded by green trees and spaces of water.

Mission Statement

A) Native Hawaiian Philanthropy (NHP) will empower native Hawaiian communities with the resources and support to improve the socio-economic conditions of NHO (Native Hawaiian Organizations) and our lāhui.


B) Increase active participation, engagement and understanding of native Hawaiian and Hawaii BIPOC communities with philanthropic funders and organizations.

C) Support culturally-grounded projects and organizations that help to promote and perpetuate Hawaiian culture, practices, health and well-being, and inherent sovereign rights.

D) Programs under NHP: 

Na Mahiʻai o Keanae (The Farmers of Keanae) and partnerships with Maui farmers to help build capacity and provide support to increase food production.

Moʻolelo: Hawaiian Storyteling through screenwriting & music video productions to empower native Hawaiians to write their own stories about Hawaiian history, culture and community.

ʻŌlelo Noʻeau (Hawaiian Proverb):

" ʻA'ohe hana nui ke alu 'ia."

No task is too big when done together by all.


Board of Directors


Picture of Kuʻuleimakamae Shafee.  Model Photo shoot with gray top.
Kuʻuleimakamae Shafee
Storytelling &
Media Production 
Native Hawaiian  (She/Her)
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