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Native Hawaiian Philanthropy 
Community Projects

  • ​Food Box & Meals Distribution

  • Strategic & Resiliency Planning for Maui Farmers & Communities

  • Workforce Development for native Hawaiian communities and Community-Based organizatons

  • Heavy Equipment Farming Assistance and Land Clearing

  • Website & Social Media Promotion for native Hawaiian communities and projects

  • Protection of sacred cultural/archaeological sites

  • Water Oversight for Keanae water system for the community and   10-year agreement with Board of Land and Natural Resources

  • Research & Development

  • Grant Writing & Reporting

  • Fundraising

Grassroots & Community-Based

Native Hawaiian Philanthropy (NHP) was inspired by the Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy and Native Americans in Philanthropy.  AAPIP and NAP provide opportunities to help bridge philanthropists and funders with communities.    It is our goal to help bridge philanthropic organizations,  approaches and systems to support NHOʻs that serve our lāhui (nation).  The programs perpetuate the Hawaiian culture and provide support services to native Hawaiian organizations (NHOʻs).  We have partnered with 14 Native Hawaiian Community-Based Organizations (CBOʻs) that implement culturally-grounded projects and programs that are fiscally accountable and successful in communities State-wide.  

NHP partners with native Hawaiian communities and organization that support BIPOC, LGBTQ, elderly, disabled, women and children, and other communities that face discrimination and injustice.  The goal and mission of our nonprofit are guided by the values of peace, justice and equal rights for marginalized peoples.  Our partners are located on the islands of Hawaii, Oahu and Maui County.

  • Mālama Āina & Mālama Kai: Traditional Stewardship, Environmental Justice & Climate Change

  • Hawaiian Education

  • Hawaiian Arts & Crafts

  • Food Security & Food Sovereignty

  • Agriculture

  • Workforce Development

  • Financial Training & Sustainability

  • Indigenous Storytelling through Screenwriting & Music

  • Native Hawaiian Rights

NHO Partners & Projects

Na Mahiʻai o Keanae

Sustainable Native & Local Food Production for Maui Farmers

Na Mahiʻai o Keanae was established by taro farmers of Keanae to help their farming community and families.


In 2021, Board President Chauncey Kimokeo passed away and we send our condolences and aloha to his ʻohana and the Keanae community.  Soon after, the Board treasurerʻs mother passed away.  The Board of Directors stepped down to deal with the passing of their loved ones and a group of partner organizations and community members stepped in to help the nonprofit continue itsʻ work.​

Native Hawaiian Philanthropy, dba Na Mahiʻai o Keanae and will continue to provide direct farm support and continues to work with the Keanae families.  NHP and Pilipaʻa LLC to fulfill the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) agreement to monitor and maintain the waterways leading into the ancient taro patches in the Keanae peninsula.

KUPU Internship & Taro Farming Training

Na Mahiʻai ʻo Keanae Community Meetings