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Native Hawaiians in Philanthropy
$30 million Capitol Campaign

Maui Mixer is working with community leaders, financial managers, and lawyers to establish a campaign to secure funds to support long-term funding opportunities.  Our approach will support 5 to 10 year funding cycles to native Hawaiian nonprofits and businesses with a proven track record.

Capitol Campaign funds will go towards Endowments to our partners for 5 to 10 year funding with fiscal oversight and grant management support.

Our Capitol Campaign will start in December 2023

Stay tuned for more...

Mana Maoli pic with students lined up on half circles.  Front of circles have students standing up.  Second row are students sitting down on knees with hands on their hips.  Third fourth and fifth rows standing and dancing hula
Kanaka Kitchen photo with students in a certified kitchen preparing food for cooking.
Pic of Project kuleana staff and students and family members in group picture.  Children in the center sitting in the first row, standing in the seconed row, and adults on the edges and standing in third row
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